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Apr 20 2022 02:48pm
Quote (ReXsOwNs @ Apr 20 2022 12:57pm)
You also told me you showed someone the rooms you had with everything and he said its worth closer to 180k fg when he only offered 120k but you wanted to sell for 125k fg... Your hilarious lol. So when do you plan to "unlock" your account if you on here trying to sell the items lol!... You don't have them give it up. If an account is locked it's because you are banned and therefore cannot recover the items anyhow. Your on bullshit bubba and you look stupid.

And how am I a scammer because I have tons of fg worth of items in game and play across multiple games with valuable items lmfao? You clearly need your head checked. It's pretty suspect someone gets on here trying to sell items but then telling everyone they cba to get on and show them lmfao - not sure what the point of it would be besides hoping to catch someone off guard for a large amount of fg LOL! If you had the items you would make it a point to show them at this point.

i toild u i CBA because u were being a dick n blwing up my phone at work thats all simply dont wanna deall with you... and your obviously showing how annoying n ignorant u can be so whatever
he evaluated 18months ago and u told me dinos dropped so it has to be re assessed sumtime but rn i got work to deal with.... if u had the patience n just waited till i got off work instead of talking shit on discord maybe i woulda dealt with u
but ye nobody is gunnah deal with a dickhead especiiallly when u telll them u get off at 9 n the whole day u spam my inbox while im dealing with clients at work
i dont know why u gotta act the weay you do but there more to life then just games budddy crawl out your cave
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