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Jan 23 2022 10:06pm
wondering if anyone can help give me more info on four corners objective...

-is it just exploring the 4 different corners in catacombs when the objective is enabled?
-does it matter if easy mode or not?
-is the spawn always 1 monster in solo, or can it range from 1-3 monsters like EPs?
-does spawn ever have extra abilities (phys imune like sneaky), or is it just whatever the spawned monster's usual abilities are?
-any other helpful info?

what i know so far...
-can be done solo
-no text warning at each corner
-can't spawn on maps
-level req 25
-reward = 1 ability point

so far, solo lvl 60+ cata...
1st corner = /set easy 0 --> 1x snoutruiner (not phys immune), dropped 3x magic 45's
2nd corner =
3rd corner =
4th corner =
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Jan 23 2022 10:12pm
-It is 1 first, 2 on second, 3 on third, and 4 on fourth. Solo or not and i don't think this has changed.
-Yes think it is random like other mobs?
-Not worth doing tbh
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Jan 23 2022 11:23pm
they spawn in every of the 4 corners until compleate
have never used easy mode
first corner 1, second corner 2 , then 3 and 4, so this was in past havent done corners in the last 3 years.
there is no other monster like sneaky around, only sneaky.
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Jan 24 2022 01:07am
4c is honestly not worth doing. They take far too long to kill with such a low drop rate. Its only to do mirror mazes that anyone normally does 4c.
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Jan 24 2022 01:12am
thank you everyone for the answers :)
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Jan 24 2022 05:59am
Quote (phatshadow @ Jan 24 2022 02:12am)
thank you everyone for the answers :)

Can farm first corner kill for itams

This post was edited by slushslush on Jan 24 2022 05:59am
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Jan 24 2022 06:07am
Yeah the drop rates are the same as other EPs, just harder to kill.

I have done up to 3 corners solo, but it is quite hard after the second corner. would have tried the fourth but fell through a TD.
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