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Jan 15 2022 11:12pm
I have the
HP pavillon 15.6 gaming laptop model: 15-ec2008ca
Battery: 3 cells 52,5Wh

And it last me like 1hour ~ MAX 2 hours
At work doing excel, word and spotify like if i forgot
My plug at home i cant do a full day on it

Bought it at first in case i wanted to game on it thats why I wanted
a laptop with a GPU but i’m not gaming on it was considering to swap for a

Dell XPS15
Battery: 3 cells 56 Wh

Was wondering if that battery would last longer? Since it doesnt have s 1650 in it or it will result in same performance
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Jan 16 2022 07:05pm
i would keep that laptop and find something like a chromebook to do your excel word and spotify on
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Jan 17 2022 04:18pm
Gaming uses video card which uses power; if you want to game on a laptop plug it in. You're gonna get like 50 minutes if the gpu/cpu are maxed out while you're playing something.
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