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Oct 12 2021 04:36pm
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Oct 12 2021 10:10pm
If you change to america server there should be alot of ppl in kamadan
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Oct 13 2021 01:38am
Quote (Primaxen @ Oct 13 2021 12:10am)
If you change to america server there should be alot of ppl in kamadan

that's true im there atm.
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Oct 13 2021 10:31am
game is "dead" if u want to play the campaigns, missions, quests and build up a character with other human players like 10-15 years ago

game is "alive" if u care to do some GVG (automated tournament still alive but u need to get into a guild that does it on daily basis)

game is "alive" if u want to do lots of SC's (speed clear dungeons, Doa, UW, FoW, ... there are still some guilds/ally's that do this on regular basis, most of the time they require u to know what u are doing though ...)

game is "alive" if u want to do the daily zaishen quests. Normally u will find a "human" party for those missions (ZB / ZM, sometimes VQ)

If u are a "new" or returning player without much knowledge u can have fun with the campaigns though if u like to follow the main stories with heroes.
start with Nightfall to get some heroes fast, and then swith to EOTN to fill up further. every missions and 90% of dungeons / elite area's can be done with hero parties.
its fairly cheap to get max armor / perfect weapons (if u don't care about expensive skins). Even if u start from 0 ...

Enjoy :) its still one of the best and most balanced games ever made imo ...

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Oct 24 2021 01:12am
With the latest weekly stories and bonus, waiting fro the last extension, there was a lot of players back. And it was far more easier to find group to play with quite big amount of people.
Also there is a lot of communities available to join, help and do events together.
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