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Apr 18 2021 02:48am
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Apr 18 2021 03:00am
Inappropriate Post Content
#13 Apr 18 2021 03:24am
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Quote (MCS @ Apr 18 2021 11:00am)
How do I find this "google"also I need to piss can you shake it for me?

open a browser and type https://google.com in the url section. It must be in the higher parts of the software(browser). You move your mouse there and press the mouse(left click) then you mark the whole text and delete it, only then you type: https://google.com/

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#14 Apr 19 2021 07:12pm
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Run the game as a administrator.... it will not crash. Seems like everyone is asking this.
#15 Apr 19 2021 09:16pm
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Close all background programs. Run full screen, run in admin
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