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Apr 10 2021 09:59pm
i dont consider myself a beer connoisseur what so ever just a not so casual beer drinker

wondering whats yall favorite brew after a hard day of work or livin in general?

the older i grow the more i drift away from the ipa and pale ale into mexican lagers and more skunky beers (none of that pee water coors light though ive had my fair share)
i do support local breweries but not by actually going to them cuz i no want a dui (currently drinking a bastard kat ipa)

currently my fav is a red beer modelo tamarindo picante to be exact but the especial is right there followed by corona and then a hoppy not quite bitter ipa such as stone ipa or similar

have never found a german style beer/pilsner i love and i dont like wheat beers
wug in your fridge?

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Apr 11 2021 10:57am
Grolsch and sol are my two
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Apr 29 2021 07:35am
Mostly IPA's, but I will drink just about any variety with the exception of Belgians/Triples, they have that gross Yeasty taste.

Sours have also grown on me gradually.

I guess if I had to pick a favorite beer, i'd say Tropicannon by Heavy Seas. Pale Ale with Citrus forward notes.
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May 8 2021 06:40am
IPA for sure
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May 15 2021 05:47am
Lefort Double
Hertog-Jan bock
Tumulus Nera
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog brown ale

Basically, anything that is brown towards stout.
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May 15 2021 01:44pm
Sam Adam's Summer Ale, Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy or Cryo Stash IPA.
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Jun 24 2021 12:32pm
Barking Squirrel from Hop City is super refreshing and not too hoppy, which I like a lot about it. A good stout is nice, Mill St Cobblestone and their Vanilla Porter are also amazing.
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Jun 25 2021 04:07am
If we're going just based on flavor/taste, Chimay blue. Chimay is expensive though, like 5$ per bottle. For everyday beer I've recently been enjoying this beer called Jai Alai from a brewery called Cigar City.
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Jun 30 2021 07:21pm
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Jun 30 2021 08:47pm
Dos Equis, Shiner Bock, Stella Artois.
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