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#1 Jan 29 2021 12:50pm
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Offering 8,000 fg for a programmer position

I'm the founder of Bramble Gate Studios, working on Realm of the Tempest, a non-profit passion project turn-based RPG.

One of the current goals is to add keyboard and mouse support to the game, which currently requires an XBox (or similar) controller.

The payments can be chunked out per task with some negotiation. The entire projects open source on Github. On top of the fg, I'd be very proud to add your name to the credits as an official member of the Bramble Gate team. (This project has been made for fun, so I'm hoping you'll enjoy this as well.)

Requirements for applications:
Prove you've got some solid knowledge of C derived languages, and write well documented code.
Review some of the source code, and suggest a plan of action.
Join the discord and communicate with the team.

Title screen (Player needs to select from a menu here, using mouse)

Some UI elements (Selector, menu)


(P.s. Note this is Unrealscript from UDK, unlike UE4 which uses actual C++)

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