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#1 Oct 15 2020 07:38pm
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Ice cube caught working with trump! think it's pretty stupid that this is a controversy. why is it so controversial to work with whoever you can to accomplish good things for your community? did anyone here rip up their cheques from trump during corona because of political differences?


(CNN)Rapper Ice Cube once said he would never endorse Donald Trump. And though not an endorsement, the rapper is causing a stir this week for working with the President on his plan for Black America.

Cube confirmed and defended his stance on Wednesday, tweeting that the Trump campaign made adjustments to "their plan" after talking to him about his Contract With Black America, a plan he released earlier this year to address racial inequality, while Democrats said they would wait until after the election.
"Every side is the Darkside for us here in America," Ice Cube tweeted, while defending the work he's done with Trump. "They're all the same until something changes for us. They all lie and they all cheat but we can't afford not to negotiate with whoever is in power or our condition in this country will never change. Our justice is bipartisan."
Dubbed the "Platinum Plan," Trump's plan for Black America includes initiatives like "neighborhoods with highest policing standards" and replacing "failing schools" with "full school choice."
CNN reached out to representatives for the rapper for further comment, but was directed to watch his appearance with CNN's Chris Cuomo. A few hours later, Ice Cube, a former member of the group N.W.A., tweeted that the appearance was off.
Still, Cube continued to defend his stance on Thursday, saying that he will "advise anyone on the planet who has the power to help Black Americans close the enormous wealth gap."
On Tuesday, Katrina Pierson, a senior adviser for the President, tweeted that Cube helped develop Trump's "Platinum Plan."
#2 Oct 15 2020 07:41pm
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Joe Biden would tell Ice Cube 'since you're working with Trump and not working for me (for free), then you ain't black!!!"
#3 Oct 15 2020 07:45pm
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garbage thread
#4 Oct 15 2020 08:07pm
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What the hell I love Ice Cube now?
#5 Oct 16 2020 12:58am
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Orange is the new Black?

#6 Oct 16 2020 01:02am
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#7 Oct 16 2020 01:53am
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Quote (excellence @ Oct 16 2020 02:41am)
Joe Biden would tell Ice Cube 'since you're working with Trump and not working for me (for free), then you ain't black!!!"

Either that or they'd both break out into a performance of Fuck Tha Police my friend!
#8 Oct 21 2020 09:40pm
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“I thought it was important to try to put all these issues in one document,” he explained at the 2:17 mark. “It’s far from perfect. We going to go out there and still find some of the people who’ve been experts in all these fields and who’ve been working on all these fields.”

“If you just do police reform, it’s just gonna be abuses picking up in other areas,” he explained. “We got to do not only police reform but justice reform and prison reform. The 13th Amendment still allows for slavery when it comes to being incarcerated. So these things need to be fixed and it’ll start solving a lot of the problems we have in America.”

i can agree with what he's saying a lot more than i can with what is written in this document. not that all of it is bad, but i have issues with a lot of it.

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#9 Oct 21 2020 09:46pm
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Neville Cube.
#10 Oct 21 2020 09:50pm
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Handlers aren’t happy. Did Ice cube not get the memo? Only democrats represent black interests. At least that’s we’ve been told by a bunch of white people who have been in congress for decades and haven’t really done shit to better black peoples lives.
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