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Oct 3 2020 03:14pm
I just got hacked for the first time ever in habbo literally all my shit is gone lmao. this feels retarded. u think this is a direct attack or what? theirs no way any of u got hacked lately right?

I guess not changing my password for 10+ years and using that password on every game I "try" until I like the game and change the password holy shit.

anyone know a good scanner should I use malwarebytes?
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Oct 3 2020 11:15pm
damn dude that fucking blows. you could try reaching out to habbo support? be worth a try, also try enabling 2-way authenticator that would be your best bet.
i mean there are tons of decent anti-malware/scanners out there. i hear bit defender is good.
I was hacked when i first started, or say that. i think my password was 123456 lmaooo so i kind of set myself up for that. since then it's good to have a strong pw with caps,symbols,numbers etc.
hope you can get ur shit back man
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