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#1 Sep 9 2020 05:51pm
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Terrible what happen out there :(
we gets some heavy smoke cloud on west coast Canada yesterday all day
#2 Oct 25 2020 02:55pm
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Stuff is getting out of control. Climate change is a big thing these days. I've heard California lawmakers are working on getting all electrical cars where feasible by 2045 if I recall correctly. Not sure how all that's going to work out though.
#3 Dec 28 2020 10:22pm
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just plant more broad leaf trees it will take time
#4 Jan 5 2021 11:13pm
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Where were the lawmakers? Why they can't control this wildfire? I have [URL=https://www.softenica.com/web-development-in-lahore/]Web Development Company in Lahore[/URL] and in the office everyone was discussing this wildfire whole day.
#5 Feb 4 2021 04:43am
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people are finally admitting climate change is real after years of evidence... they just aren't bothered enough yet to make the needed changes that affect their current lives. fear the majority of people who can make a difference = mindset of "why bother changing my life/world, it won't affect me much in my lifetime. leave it to the next generation to solve/fix" which leaves us too far behind and screwed even more :cry:
#6 Feb 11 2021 10:28am
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A fire crossed the highway here. Crews came by and cleared the mountainside. The most recent big storm caused some mudslides and now the crews are at it again :mellow:
#7 Feb 23 2021 12:35am
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Dang rich Jews and their space lasers
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