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Jul 29 2020 05:09am
Let's start with a little background story, shall we?

Due to my wooden pc, I was unable to play SWTOR from around the time the dlc "Knights of the Fallen Empire" was released.
In the meantime, I graduated from the university and got myself a job. So now I'm in a financially better situation than before.
In other words, it's time to invest in a new gaming pc!

But here's the question: Is SWTOR still worth playing in 2020?
I've seen some youtube videos claiming: "No doubt about it, it's still 100 procent worth going back to".
But then again, their main content on their channels are usually SWTOR-related videos so in a way, that may affect their answers?

That's why I looked towards d2jsp - since I get the feeling, that it's a more unbiased community of players with more honest opnions?
In addition, I noticed that SWTOR is now available through Steam. That may spark the interest of new players but I'm looking for more experienced players opinions.

Let me know what you guys think! :)

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Sep 2 2020 08:12pm
yes it is still worth to play and it is free to play now. There is no harm giving it a try.

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