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#21 Jun 30 2020 01:53pm
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Quote (psyko-draco @ Jun 30 2020 03:35pm)
Are they making a diablo 4 soon?

Very unlikely. Probably a couple years out yet from what has been said in vids and what not but this is 2020 and no one seems to know what's going to happen month to month at this point.

#22 Jul 6 2020 01:16pm
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I dont know why you want to blame players for how shit the diablo series is now. The only people to blame are the literal makers at actiblizz
#23 Jul 10 2020 09:44pm
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#24 Jul 10 2020 11:15pm
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Means no one can have god builds for PK when the game is old, gay. Not that anyone would it will be slow like d3
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