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#1 May 16 2020 06:14am
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Example run:

- Low budget required to set up
- Many high ilvl rares (over 100 rares in 10 runs!)
- Low risk of getting queued
- Only 2 keys required
- You can get up to lvl 88-90 with barbarian easily
- Decent way to gather gold for gambling

- Low unique and set droprate (important early ladder)
- Very low exp for sorceress
- Windowed Diablo 2
- Barb vulnerable to lightning enchant

What's the purpose of MF cs runs?:
Finding many high ilvl rares

What do i need?
-2 Keys
-Sandboxie, any virtual machine or 2nd Computer

-Baron Barbarian (Lvl84)


Mace/Axe Mastery: 20
Increased Stamina: 1
Increased Speed: 1
Iron Skin: 1
Natural Resistance: 7
Howl: 1
Shout: 1
Battle Orders: 20
Battle Command: 1
Find Potion: 1
Find Item: 16
Bash: 1
Leap: 1
Stun: 1
Concentrate: 1
Leap Attack: 1
Berserk: 1
Whirlwind: 20
Additional Points at higher Lvl: Personal preference, i like to skill additional Increased Speed

We want as much MF as we can handle without dying.
Helm: 3 pT Winged Helm or Grand Crown
Amulet: Angelic
Armor: Angelic
Ring1: Angelic
Ring2: Angelic (Optional ML, LL, AR, Stats, MF, LR)
Weapon: High Damage Martel or Ancient Axe, dual leech (Optional Bonesnap)
Belt: Goldrwap
Gloves: Chance Guards (Optional LL,ML,Stats, MF, LR)
Boots: 30 frw, Resists (LR!), MF

How to distribute stats:
Strength: up to 230
Engery: 0
Dexterity: 0
Vitality: Rest

- Lady Sorceress (Lvl80)

Static: 20
Telekinesis: 1
Teleport: 1
Firebolt: 1
Fireball: 1
Warmth: 20
Enchant: 20
Fire Mastery: 20
Inferno: 1
Blaze: 1
Fire Wall: 6
Additional Points at higher Lvl: Firewall


All items have to be without mf
Helm: fhr/life/res or Irathas
Amulet: +skills, stats, Res, fcr or Irathas
Armor: hhr, stats, resists or Twitch
Ring1: fcr,stats,res or Soj
Ring2: fcr,stats,res or Soj
Shield: 50 Block/prism with twitch, 60 block/prism with rare armor
Weapon: Shard
Belt: fhr,Stats, Res or Irathas
Gloves: Magefists/Bloodfist or Irathas
Boots: frw, fhr, dex, ,mana, res

Overall: aim for 60-75 Block, 61 Fhr, 70fcr, 75 Cr/Fr/Lr, High stats, +Skills

How to distribute stats, including extra str/dex from Items
Strength: 100 str for Silk/Pure Ench sorc option.
Engery: 0
Dexterity: 51
Vitality: Rest

Strength: 45-60 for items
Engery: 0
Dexterity: 51
Vitality: Rest

1) Open game with Baron Barb, bo/enchant at WP and teleport to cs
2) Open Viz seal, leave 2nd seal closed
3) Open De-Seis seal and cast 3-4 statics at spot S1 or S2 (see Pictures)
4) Open both Inf seals and cast 5-6 statics at Spot I1-1/I1-2 or I2 (see Pictures)
5) Open Tp and enter with Barb
6) Kill and loot the seal bosses plus the bosses and champions you encounter between seals
7) Kill Diablo as 0 MF Lady Sorc with Static&Firewall
8) Repair Weapon and refill pots/scrolls on both characters

Good spots to cast static:

Few things to notice:
- Grab all 35k gold Items you find at cs and sell them. (staffs/scepters/high req armors)
- Watch out for Lightning Enchant and Conviction. High mf barb has low Lightning resist.
- Try to clear Mobs before looting, it can be dangerous.

10 Runs statistics: Barb had 266 mf

Why Enchant?
-It gives barb huge amounts of damage against every enemy that isn't fire immune. It lets you kill physical immune Viz without the use of berserk. It helps against stoneskin, extra fast De-Seis. The ar bonus also helps against Fire immunes.
Why not Blizzard?
-The purpose of sorceress is to enable barb to quickly clear CS with high mf. Blizzard would quicken the run, but the danger of killing bosses without mf is too high.
Why Static?
-Quick way to reduce monster life without killing them.
Why are you killing Diablo without mf?
-High mf at Diablo increases the chance for uniques/sets.
Why are you using high mf at CS?
-High mf at cs produces more rares.

Good luck
#2 May 16 2020 09:11am
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wow, nice guide! thx
#3 May 16 2020 09:28am
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Good guide B)
#4 May 16 2020 09:49am
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#5 May 16 2020 10:15am
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super nice! might try next ladder :)
#6 May 16 2020 12:15pm
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#7 May 17 2020 05:36am
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Was planning to write "tl;dr" but i started reading and then everything seemed interesting and clever to me !

#8 May 17 2020 01:11pm
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You were too fast, you forgot to pick up the rare ring at Diablo :-)

Nice video !
#9 May 17 2020 03:52pm
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Quote (feanur @ May 17 2020 09:11pm)
You were too fast, you forgot to pick up the rare ring at Diablo :-)

Nice video !

that's tragic :'(
#10 May 18 2020 12:55am
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thx for the comments!

Quote (feanur @ 17 May 2020 21:11)
You were too fast, you forgot to pick up the rare ring at Diablo :-)

Nice video !

Fuck! I remember being surprised that i took a green amulet, but i didn't check again :D. Recordingpressure
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