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#1 Mar 30 2020 07:50am
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I used to play this years ago. Like circa 2012. I see the games advanced a ton. I used to play a hermit and I/L wizard. Those were fun. Are they still any good. I basically want to screen clear mobs and shit. I don't much care about bossing or whatever. I basically wanna brainlessly Kill mobs while hanging out with friends on Discord. What are the better "caster classes"? Are I/L or F/P Mages good still?
#2 Mar 30 2020 03:01pm
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Bera is pretty much p2w at this point, reboot is f2w but a lot of time needed for that. Easy caster class I would recommend Kanna if you won't be bossing. You should also try out Luminous, they are known as mobbing king.
#3 Apr 3 2020 09:30am
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i also plays years ago at kradia when zakum was big boss and horntail was something to much scary to even think about

i back after big bang and
everything changes

no more social interactions, no more share maps, peoples bossing mostly solo,they kill this relaxing feeling totaly
no more traveling with this flaying ship where barlog was so scary
chairs are now can take half of screen :D everything is so big and shiny but its totaly not same
no more pre req's for bosses
nothing is hard justg BUY NX AND MINDLESS FARM

i felt alone, peoples ususaly play for themself and i left
game's dead but old good memories i have inside from old kradia

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