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#31 Apr 23 2020 02:01pm
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Quote (Ulfus @ Apr 21 2020 10:38am)
I dont call it mediocre but ok friend. Half life 2 was a mediocre shooter with interesting story.

They both will get AAA+ ratings so may be you have a point tho.

whats the point?

the AAA+ rating is just a indicator that a big dev studio is behind a project.

it doesnt protect it from being good or bad.

at this moment diablo 3 has no interesting mechanics.

you just slap the set which gives you the highest numbers onto your character and start grinding your paragon levels.

looking at Diablo 4 and what they have shown us.

grittier artstyle and a simplier Itemasation.

and lets not forget the mounts... so you travel the big distances for your next 100 people raid.
#32 Apr 23 2020 05:47pm
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Quote (Semptra @ 17 Apr 2020 18:07)
If they stated there was no open trading, then the game is already a bust. There is no point in playing a multiplayer game without being able to interact with other players.

#33 May 2 2020 06:16am
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Hope for the same feeling :)
#34 May 2 2020 07:31am
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Quote (EzRekt @ Mar 25 2020 10:01am)
i think there gonna mess this one up too what u guys think

A lot of us have already decided not to buy.

Seems these days indie developers are the ones making good quality content. The big guys are mandated by shareholders to piss the player base off until the money stops coming in.

For some reason people keep bitching about the games but keep buying the DLC, lootboxes, premium services etc etc.

Those of us who have closed our wallets to this type of business have moved to the indie games.

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#35 May 7 2020 01:50am
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if they put a trading and pvp system like in d2 its game over

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#36 May 8 2020 08:32am
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guess will see
#37 May 8 2020 03:56pm
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I hope its not gonna be like d3, never played d3 and saw some videos, its looks like Flyff lol
#38 Jun 30 2020 12:37pm
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Hopefully just as good as old diablo 2
#39 Jul 1 2020 11:40am
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i hope.
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