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Feb 12 2020 04:08am
*This is a simple guide for brand new ladder slashers trying to solo to MASTER QUEST.
Click here for a more in-depth guide

Keywords highlighted in green for lazy readers.

Choose a barbarian or a fighter. Do not choose magican or guardian or your gear will become obsolete. Level 71 is "master quest".

Put your points into powerstrike until level 40.
Level 40+ put the rest of your points into retribution.
Both of these abilities are single target nukes. All other abilties are irrelevant for now.
Hotkeys are control, alt and shift.
Use abilities at 50-100%. 200% is overkill.

STAT POINTS (press c)-
Put everything into vitality until 100.
Put the rest in strength.
Daggers and staves are not used on these classes.

It is very unlikely that you will find decent upgrades so use the marketplace.
Look for cheap upgrades around your level.

Weapon- closest to your level > enhanced effect
Armor- enhanced effect > strength/dexterity
Charm- strength or dexterity
Acc. charm- heal charm (not necessary)

White items- Items without modifications can be sold on the marketplace or thrown into well to add stats.

CATACOMBS (explore or whistle?)-
Type "/set easy 1"; this will spawn a maximum of 2 monsters instead of 3.

Press "T" to get fast spawns.
Press "WASD" to explore the maze to find:

Evil presences- boss monsters
Evil Wells- for fishing or making items
Enigmatic totems- free boosted stats
Trapdoors- new map, harder monsters.
Quests- can be challenging but rewarding.

Which monsters do I attack first? Here is a picture of the most dangerous monsters.
Top 5 most dangerous: Pawlfulgore, Gigapede, Mantaprey, Freaver, Peaktrice.

Option 1) Regen gear- check marketplace for weapon/armor/charm with regen.
Option 2) Shrine-pick up higher tier/stat items to throw in shrine. Buy 1 fg high level items from marketplace to shrine.
Option 3) Self heal- buy a heal charm and type "/whistle 1" in the catacombs. Press "T" to summon a level 1 monster and spend all your mana to heal yourself.

Press "esc" to see all options.

Fishing, transmuting, glyphing, suffusencing and cooking are very long term investments.

If you have enough gear from 0 to level 55you can group climb. Normally you will be tank. Go to 80 vitality. Put all ability points into "multistrike" and "knockdown". Make sure you don't go afk unless necessary. Frequently use abilities at 50%.

You'll want to purchase a vault for 1 month to hold all your gear so you can change gear during the group climb.

Use the marketplace!
If you find something that you believe could be possibly valuable, post a price check thread here: https://forums.d2jsp.org/forum.php?f=273&t=2

Sell everything level 5 and higher with many stats for 1-2 fg.
Sell anything level 45 and higher for 1-2 fg.
White items level 15 or higher can be sold easily:

White examples:
Level 15 white- 1 fg
Level 20 white- 1-2 fg
Level 25 white- 2-3 fg
Level 30 white- 3-5 fg
Level 35 white- 5-8 fg
Level 40 white- 7-10 fg
Level 45 white- 10-15 fg
Level 50 white- 20-40 fg
Level 55 white- 50-100 fg

Other examples:
Arcane lvl 10? 1-2 fg
Level 55 magical armor- 1-2 fg
Level 55 white ice- 100 fg
Level 45 rare staff- 1fg
Legendary level 25 axe- 1-3 fg


How do I pass master quest? What's the ladder? Is suffusencing worth it? ...

You'll figure it out.

This post was edited by Bob888 on Feb 12 2020 04:21am
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Feb 12 2020 04:11am
Well done :)
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Feb 12 2020 04:13am
Heh, thanks Bob! I never understood that until now.
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Feb 12 2020 04:19am
good work dan
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Feb 12 2020 04:29am
Nice guide!
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Feb 12 2020 04:39am
A guide

A good guide

A new slasher guide

Good work
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Feb 12 2020 04:54am
Bob goes to mediator on d2jsp
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Feb 12 2020 05:02am
Very nice guide :hail:
You did some great work there!
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Feb 12 2020 06:22am
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Feb 12 2020 06:27am
-10% warn

Good job Bobby :)
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