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#21 Dec 4 2019 01:35am
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Quote (Vivi369 @ 4 Dec 2019 05:30)
Nothing wrong with the Diablo 3 inventory?

It's bad, so is item art. I put this into itemization also.
#22 Dec 4 2019 01:46am
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I just need 1) trading with no item binding 2) itemization 3) good skill tree 4) able to create game rooms
#23 Dec 14 2019 10:03pm
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Quote (AymRocOner @ Nov 28 2019 06:13pm)
Errors not to reproduce:

- items with damage range like 1 to 323,452,621 dmg.

- power of skillz based on the items you wear. I stopped d3 1hour after the first try when my barb dealed more dmg with a wand instead of 2 hand axe. How can they create a shit game like this crapped d3 with all these shit mechanics. We need more immersion (dunno my sentence means smthg) I don't want to Stat act 1 in d4 and after 15 minutes change my mace to a bow that make my bash better with it

- inventory is ugly

Basically I really want d4 to take all d2 mechanics (stats, skillz, synergies, calculations, resists, caps, CB, DS, fcr, ias, fbr etc...)

- bonus : the fact that in d3 there s no personalisation. For exemple all the barbs are the same they all have same skillz since there s no skill points. Any barb can be any barb, it s all about stuff. I can t believe they created a shit game like that.

Anyway I will buy d4 cause I'm a fan have to admit, but I will re sell instantly if it s crap like that to somebody else that will not have to give money to the crap company it has become

I second everything you said!!
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