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#1 Nov 7 2019 11:57pm
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Quick Rules

• All bets posted in my sportsbook threads are auto-confirmed except for those from NFL/NBA/MLB list welchers, 2018 and 2019 accounts, and/or people listed in my profile.
• If you are using a 2018 or 2019 account, only bets that are sent u/f are confirmed. If you do not send your full wager u/f, then there is no bet, and I will not pay you.
• All bets must be posted and/or edited before listed start time on VegasInsiders.com
• Maximum amount I will pay out for a negative line: 1,000
• Maximum amount you may wager on a positive line: 1,000
• Maximum amount you may wager on a parlay: 1,000
• Parlays can win a maximum of 5,000 fg
• A betting line can only be used once among all parlays
• If you make a wager in my sportsbook thread, then you agree to all terms and conditions listed below. It's your job to read them

Comprehensive Rules

Sending Forum Gold

• You do not have to send up-front for your bet, though you may do so if you want to. Sending up-front is auto-confirmed.
• NFL/NBA/MLB Welchers and those listed in my profile may not participate. If you have any questions about eligibility, ask before betting.
• 2018 and 2019 accounts may participate, but all wagered fg must be sent up-front. A partial amount will not suffice. If I do not receive the full wager up-front, then there is no bet, and you will not be paid.
• It is your responsibility to check your loss and send your forum gold. I will not personally pm you how much you lost. Check my calculations after I post betting totals the next morning.

Formatting/Posting Your Bet

• I auto-confirm all valid, confirmed bets posted in the thread that follow the eligibility rules defined above.
• At a minimum, all bets must: be posted in-thread, include the amount you want to wager, and specify the team names.
• If you do not specify the spread in your post, then I am just going to assume you are betting on the ML for that game.
• If you fail to confirm your bet, then we will both be on the honor system as far as payouts go. If you try to weasel out of payment, then I'll ban you from all future bookie, blind odds, and freeroll threads that I host.

When to Post Your Bet

• All bets must be posted before the listed start time, and all edits must be made before start time.
• Example: If a game is listed at 1:00pm, a post or edit time-stamped at 1:01pm will be void.
• A post made before a game starts and then edited several minutes after the game has started may result in you being banned from participating, and any fg you sent up-front will be considered a donation.
• Having said all of this, I have been lenient on game start times. I will honor bets that are a few minutes late as long as you honer the bet as well. However, if you abuse this privilege, then I may revoke this privilege for you specifically or everyone.
• All listed times are EST.

Amount Per Bet

• The maximum amount I will pay out on a negative line is 1,000 (so the max varies by the odds listed)
• The maximum amount you may wager on a positive line is 1,000
• The maximum amount you may wager on a parlay is 1,000
• If you say "max," then you are wagering one of these three totals.

Parlay Rules

• Parlays must have a minimum of two valid picks and a clear wager amount (don't say "to win x"). If one line is invalid for whatever reason (such as if I am not taking bets on that game or the game already started), then the whole parlay is invalid.
• If a pick pushes, then the parlay will bump down one level (a 3-teamer becomes a 2-teamer, etc.)
• Parlays can win a maximum of 5,000 fg.
• A betting line can only be used once among all parlays.
• Parlays use the following calculator: http://www.vegasinsider.com/parlay-calculator
• You are welcome to combine NFL, NBA, and/or NHL games within one parlay (refer to my other threads for the day).

Mistakes & Typos

• If you accidentally wager or send an amount of forum gold exceeding the amount that I do accept, then this will count as both sides confirming the maximum amount that I do accept. Any excess forum gold will be sent back after I pay out everyone else.
• Example: you wager 2,000 forum gold on the Panthers +2 -110; the auto-confirmed amount will be 1100 on the Panthers +2 at -110 to win 1,000.
• If you make a minor typo (such as an incorrect number, or a mixed-up +/-) then it will count as betting on the correct line for that game.
• Example: You accidentally write that you are betting on the Steelers +7 when the line is actually Steelers -7; the confirmed bet will be on Steelers -7. Alternately, if you accidentally write the Steelers -4, then the confirmed line will be Steelers -7.
• If you bet on a game in which the Spread and ML are the same, then I will accept max on only one of these lines. ML and Spread are considered the same line in this case.


• Payouts will not be sent until the next day. The "if you're logged on, then you must pay out immediately" rule does not apply to me in bookie threads.
• Payouts will be sent in FIFO (first in - first out) order.
• Max amount I can be held liable: all of my fg. If my losses exceed this amount, then all bets after the one that broke me (or could break me) will not be auto-confirmed. I will not calculate this amount before the day is over, so if it's late in the day and you're betting with me, you run the risk of having your bet unconfirmed or not paid out. Sending up-front does not affect this rule, though you will be refunded your wager amount.
• In the event I get suspended, then all bets will be paid whenever I am released from suspension. I apologize if this happens, but this is a risk that you agree to take when betting with me.

The Final Rule

• If you make a wager in my bookie thread, then you agree to the above terms and conditions

#2 Nov 8 2019 06:36am
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#3 Nov 8 2019 06:59am
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For those who bet cash. LSU BG over tonight. Lost our two bigs, naz reid and bigby Williams to nba .. wade has gone to uptempo offense with playing 5 star freshman trendon watford at the 5. And bg was a top pace team last yr
#4 Nov 8 2019 07:07am
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I'm so confused.

I thought Liu was Linux...
#5 Nov 8 2019 11:57am
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Furman ats
Oakland ats
Baylor ats
300fg parlay sending uf
#6 Nov 8 2019 12:16pm
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Quote (GiantPhony @ 8 Nov 2019 08:07)
I'm so confused.

I thought Liu was Linux...

The asians always work together.

#7 Nov 8 2019 02:16pm
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Miami ATS 1100
Niagara ATS 1100
West Virginia ATS 1100
Harvard ATS 1100
CD sending upfront
#8 Nov 8 2019 02:17pm
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North Carolina ats
Baylor ats
Illinois ats
Loyola Chicago ats

All max
#9 Nov 8 2019 03:59pm
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North Carolina ats
Kansas ats
Wisconsin ats
Baylor ats
Duke ats
Kentucky ats
Missouri ats

Cd 200 each

100fg parlay

Duke ats
Kansas ats
Missouri ats
Kentucky ats
North Carolina ats

#10 Nov 8 2019 04:39pm
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Auburn ats max
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