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#1 Oct 19 2019 02:25am
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Hey guys,

I've done a couple installs, but it has been with full aftermarket replacement. It looks like a pain in the ass to replace my touring radio, and I'd lose a ton of functionality, so I want to keep it.

My setup:
- Some 12" sub (Nothing crazy. It'll be undertuned anyways, so I'm not worried about rms)
- Four speakers w/ tweeters. I'm thinking about just putting midwoofers in the back though, any thoughts on this?
- Main speakers I want to use: Polk Audio's DB 6502's (100W rms)
- JL Audio XD700/5

So, it's my understanding with my car that I need to:
- Disable the ANC module (just unplug it, I'd imagine?)
- Somehow bypass the factory amplifier. From what I've read, I need some kind of processor for this. If anyone has experience, please let me know.. I'm assuming it goes: Head unit -> Stock amplifier -> Processor -> Aftermarket amplifier

- My sound processor should convert the variable power signal from my stock amplifier into a constant signal that feeds the RCA

My questions:
- Should I use just use a line output converter instead of the processor? (I guess I'd need three of these, so processor probably better?)
- Can anybody recommend me a good sound processor for a five channel configuration? I was thinking about getting the DQ-61 but it seems like it has terrible reviews
- How difficult will it be to install the sound processor itself? It looks like I'd just have to splice the "OEM speaker wires" out of their quick connects and reroute them into the processor?
- On the processors themselves, I shouldn't have to mess with any equalization setting knobs, correct? My aftermarket amplifier should be handling all of that. I'm going to get it professionally tuned after I'm done the install.
- 8 gauge wire should be more than sufficient to feed that amplifier, yeah?

Any input appreciate.
Thanks guys.

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