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#11 Sep 26 2019 02:09am
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Quote (holysword @ 24 Sep 2019 18:08)
i use sigon helm+gloves for ar and life leech, but with angelics ill be missing alot of res, and without the sigons ill loose 10%life leech
what other gear sould i use if i wear angelic set?

In HC i always used high ed bonesnap, due to res and low req (only good for solo pvm) , CB does the dmg

Dualleech gloves with res, (1 dualleechring with life res if u r not fine with ur LL, but 3ll/3ML is enuff imo)
belt str life res (if u r not going to mf search for cd on belt)
30 frw boots res

u can easy reach 4 K life
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