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Aug 9 2019 09:17pm
The Ladder Slasher Price Checker List 39.0

with the help of the LS community (See thanks at the bottom)


  • The purpose of the list:

The purpose of the Price Checkers list is for those who come across
an item, and they are unsure of its value, Or you receive a price check and are unsure about its accuracy.

The list is a way to get additional help, especially for beginners, to get an idea of an items worth.

  • Information on price checks and the list:

Before you look for a price check, It is good to keep a few things in mind that may affect the prices.
The market can change from day to day depending on certain criteria such as:
  • number of similar items available at the time
  • price of similar items at the time
  • general interest in the item
  • how many people recognize your item
  • how many people need and bid on your item at the time
Supply and demand always has a strong influence over the price of an item.
For this reason you can never 100% rely on a price check, its near impossible to make such predictions.

Price checks are meant to be a sort of guideline or starting point to the rough value of an item.
Because of there experience and trading/market activity, the users on the Price Checkers List have a good idea of these values.
Users who are new or trade less frequently may not have this.

This service is meant to help you on the matter of Price Checking.

The users you see on this list are agreed on as experienced and reliable price checkers who are usually accurate in doing so.

Please note that if someone is not listed here, It does not mean that they are bad price checkers, or are not allowed to give a price check.
The list is NOT a "LICENSE" to be allowed to give price checks, But a service for people who are able to better price check an item.
BUT if you can see a person not listed here, you should take there price checks with a certain degree of caution, and not follow them blindly.
However you should always use a bit of caution in getting a price check.
It never hurts to get more than one opinion!

  • Where and how to post a price check:

Tips for creating a successful price check
Price Check Guide

You can post your request for a price check through way of contact listed here,
Or in the correct forum for your item located below:

Softcore Price Check
Hardcore Price Check

Please do NOT contact users on the list with your price check questions, or other Ladder Slasher questions, in any
other way then listed here, use the following links for general questions/help:

Ladder Slasher General Chat
LS Character Builds and Discussion
Ladder Slasher Mentoring Program

Remember there are only a small amount of price checkers, So before you make a request, check twice if it is worth the request,
Or if you can price check it yourself via the in game market place.

Please read the image below provided by przy to help make your request more efficient:

- Make a clear topic title: Need price check
- Make a clear topic description: Iso multiple opinions
- Make a clear post for the item(s): In a list format with 2-3 spaces between each item


- Track your topic: Reference for later!
- Remember to follow the 4 hour bump rule, your topic will be seen.
- Multiple opinions: Write this need in your topic description, or bump your topic at the 4 hour bump rule requesting a second opinion.
- Thank you's: Please keep thank you's and appreciation to PM's, It moves your topic up and others down!
- Items list: Try to keep the list manageable. 5 Items or less per price check topic.
- Try to copy full statistics of an item for the character is on to ensure the most accurate price check.

  • Who can use this service and how:

Everyone that plays Ladder Slasher and is seeking help to get an estimated value of there item(s) can use this service.
It is totally free, but use this service conscientiously please.

If you want to have an item you want to have price checked, or you receive a price check on an item,
You can check whether or not the user is an agreed helper or not so you can judge there check better
and eventually wait for another one if needed.

  • What if my price checker is not on the list:

Someone not being on the price checker list does not generally mean they are a bad price checker.
But if your price checker is not on the list you should take there advice with a degree of caution.

The list is meant to have users that are deemed reliable and fairly accurate in the LS community
to ensure that you get the most accurate price check and avoid confusion and
arguments, especially for newcomers to the game.

  • The Price Checkers List:

The list is set in alphabetical order, You can find the:

  • Core
  • Special Fields
  • And ways to contact each person below
Possible ways of contact are:

- Via Price Checking Threads
- Via PM
- Via D2JSP Instant Messenger
- Via Ventrillo
- Via Teamspeak
- Via Skype
- Via MSN: Always by request only!
- Via AIM: Always by request only!

Inactive players WILL be removed as the market is always changing:

  • AHS_Darkhunter
    Core: Softcore
    Special Fields: Price Checking, General, Tactics & gameplay
    Contact: Via Private Message

  • Important note to users on the list:

Being a part of the Price Checkers List demands responsibility and honesty!

Throughout the time, you will be followed up on to see that these values are being fulfilled or not.

As a Price Checker on the list and also in general,
You should ALWAYS behave correctly and not abuse your position for personal profit.

e.g. Checking items low to bid on them yourself, or make friends bid on them for you.

If you are in any means interested in an item brought forth for a PC, Its is in the
best interest of both parties to politely decline to PC the item and have them ask another user on the list.
If you want an item, do NOT price check it to avoid any problems.

In any instance it is found you are not fulfilling the duties of a price checker in an honest manner,
Or that your power is being abused, Or you are acting negatively towards the LS community,


  • RewtheBrave- For bringing up the opportunity to revise this wonderful tool
  • przy- For the very nice S/S and description of posting a price check
  • The ladder slasher community for there feedback during this revision/project
  • And of course the users on the list, Who take time in there day to help slashers!!

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Aug 9 2019 09:17pm
Important Rules and Advices:
  • This service covers ONLY Ladder Slasher price check related questions.
  • People here are NOT responsible for answering anything D2 related
  • People here are not responsible for D2 related price checks, Use these forums: Diablo 2 Trading Forums
  • People here are not responsible for answering d2jsp related questions, Use this forum: General Help Forum
  • The users that are providing this service are doing this on their free time, And on a totally free basis, So please always be friendly and patient.
  • If you do not receive an instant response, the person may be offline or busy at the moment, DO NOT spam them.
  • Do not spam multiple users for the same price check, Check the online status if you need a faster response.
  • Do not beg people for FG or items, You can always check here: Ladder Slasher Starter Gear Community Directory
  • Do not abuse the people or service, And do not use contact methods not provided here.
    For price checks, Use these forums basically:
    Softcore Price Check And Hardcore Price Check

  • Try to list your item properly to make it easier for the price checkers.
  • If someone has helped you, Do not hesitate to write a thank you and/or your concerns about the outcome of the item sale.
  • This thread is just an OFFER, neither a duty to stick to it if your new and need help, Nor the only choice.

I saw an error/incomplete data on the list, What do I do?

If you see any data on the list that is not correct, please drop a PM to Cho. and it will be corrected.

I am currently on the list, But wish to be removed.

Drop a PM to Cho. if you wish to be deleted.

I want to be on the list, What do I do?

Being on the list requires responsibility and honesty above all else. In the past, the decision of who was able to be a Price Checker on the list, and who was not, was left up to a small group of people, carefully selected, know as the council. Although this seemed to work at the time, I have been wracking my brain trying to find a way to be more inclusive to the whole Ladder Slasher community. I feel that the whole community should have a say when it comes to Ladder Slasher related things, And that it should not be left up to a few chosen ones. With that being said, the following is how it will be conducted. Please note that this process is likely to change to make sure the process is fair and inclusive to all.

The process for getting on the list will look something like this:

The person who is interested in becoming a price checker on the list will submit a short application to Cho. with the following information:
  • Why you want to be on the price checker list
  • Why you think you will make a good price checker
  • Any name changes you have had
  • If you have any warn, What is it for? (Warn will not nessicarily bar you from getting on the list, Dishonesty as to the reason of your warn will.)
  • Any other information you think you should submit

After that your application will be reviewed, It will either be approved by me or denied, You will be notified either way. If it is denied it could be for many reasons such as:
  • Being dishonest during the application process
  • Not on JSP long enough
  • Not experienced enough in LS or Price checking yet
  • Are someone that shows blatant disregard for site/trading rules
  • Are constantly flaming others or spamming the forums
  • Other determining factors

If the application is accepted, we will move to the next step. A post will then be made in the Ladder Slasher forum.

This is the best way so far I have thought of to include the whole LS community in the decision. The poll will be left open for ONE WEEK to give a chance for everyone to see it and vote. After that a final decision will be made based on the outcome of the poll.

PLEASE NOTE: The users on the Price checkers list will be held accountable for being responsible and honest in there price checks and intentions. If at any time it is found they are not, They will be removed without notice. At this point they will have to go through the application process over again to be reinstated on the list. The voting polls will be HEAVILY moderated. This is under no circumstances a place for flame/spam. As posted above, any issues/concerns about a potential price checker can be pm'd to me and I will look into it.

*** This tool is subject to change at any time ***
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