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#1 Jun 22 2019 06:05am
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As far as I know, Andrew Yang is the only presidential candidate who is going to specifically give support to MMA and its athletes.

If these mixed martial artists get paid more, it will become more attractive to become a professional fighter and the sport will grow. Why this is needed? MMA is still a joke and it's not making progress. Look at the HW and LHW division of the UFC for instance. It hasn't gotten better for years. And now look at the NFL and the NBA. We're losing the most athletically gifted to them. Sometimes, if we're lucky, we're getting a left-over, a reject, one that wasn't talented enough to make it. Our cokehead great would have followed the path of his two brothers if he weren't for him being so frail. So frail he was willing to risk his career over and over to compensate for his noodle limbs. We got American football failures training MMA for a year and beating professionals in our sport who have been dreaming and training since they were a teenager. It's not like these football players don't know that the constant clashing they do, are more hazardous to the brain than being a fighter does. Looking at the lighter divisions, we can only dream about them being as stacked and competitive as in boxing. Poor 125'ers. They are lucky to be saved for now by a guy who's limited marketability is reliant on his trophy obsession. WMMA is even sadder. To put things in perspective, there are individual sports that have different divisions for a certain weight class. And then there is the UFC, the most prestigious platform of our sport where there are weight classes so small in their number of athletes that it feels desperate having a list created for this handful.

Moreover, fighters are having trouble paying for their training camp and covering their medical costs. If you truly love MMA and you want to see great fights, you should care about the fighters and their well-being. Because otherwise, they won't be able to afford a life bleeding for your entertainment while being whored out. The McGregor-era is ending and his past success gave us the illusion that things were going in the right direction. We became too dependent on a comedian / part-time fighter and now there's no one in sight who can carry the current stagnation. MMA isn't progressing. Uncle Dana sees this, but he doesn't want to be the one to bear the financial consequences, so he cuts some fighters and lowballs the rest even more than he did before.

On top of the reasons above, fighters earning more money will also result in better fights because they will be able to:

- spend more time on improving their skills instead of being forced to devote a significant part of it to other jobs (compare the learning curve for MMA to boxing)
- take better care of themselves and their injuries
- pay their coaches more (coaches will increase in quantity and quality as a result)
- making them less worried and distracted (combat sports are the most psychologically demanding)

All these things will contribute to increasing their performance and in turn, your entertainment.

Yang's UBI, his plans to fix medical care and his emphasis on improving the mental health of US citizens will also greatly help. The guy has been hustling lately and because of that, there are many interviews to be found if you want to look into it (Joe Rogan, Shapiro...).

So if you aren't sure yet who you want to vote for, ask yourself this question: how much do I love MMA?

#2 Jun 23 2019 11:39pm
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r u ok dude
#3 Jun 24 2019 07:43am
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He got my vote

#4 Jun 26 2019 11:17am
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Donald Trump loves Colby
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