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#31 Jun 22 2019 08:52am
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Games dead has been sense the start.
#32 Jun 22 2019 09:00am
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Quote (attila @ Jun 22 2019 07:02am)
Will took some time but u'll realize other players doesn't reply to your friendly messages coz you're the only living player online

Thats what we’ve been saying man, d3 is shit
#33 Jun 22 2019 03:25pm
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Quote (Djunior @ Jun 22 2019 06:39am)
On the contrary, I'm happy to play D2 which is a great game btw. Have fun grinding GR in D3 cya

I don't play D3 anymore, been quite someone now... So I don't understand why you continue to make that comment.
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