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#1 May 19 2019 01:05am
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Rush 1.5base Swarmhost Nydus
into 2.5base Muta for finisher
Spines when build Lair, Spores before swarmhost complete

if you can pay 3 swarmhost, you want to already attack
then you get 5 swarmhost and a 2nd Worm
then you get 12swarmhost meanwhile researching muta
then you build 10till15 muta before you attack with muta

for 4vs4, not even need muta, just 200 supply of swarmhost, 1-2base

A swarmhost is more cost effective as a drone collecting mineral to sent roach/zerglings
200coins per 1min of locust production per 1swarmhost /// So a swarmhost urns it costs back 53sec in combat
a larve cost 19to33gold depending on uptime of larve production
#2 May 19 2019 04:46am
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#3 May 19 2019 11:32am
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Simply the best
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