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#1 Jan 4 2019 10:05am
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Hello guys. So i'm recording vertical movie with my phone, i'm doing editing in premiere pro cc and i mainly export it as 1080 x 1920. Now the question - IG thumbnails are 4:5 i think and if i decide to "widen" the movie in the IG app (the expand ["arrows"] option while posting video) the thumbnail will automatically change, i will lose few centimeters up and down [it's cut ine the process of trimming], where i keep essential info in form of subtitles and they must be seen in the layout of my page. So my original video must be in the same res as the thumbnail.

Guys, how do i record and convert the video to keep the resolution 4:5 all the time without losing quality? I would love to hear your feedback. Have a great day
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