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#1 Sep 30 2018 01:31pm
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I'm just getting into this game and downloading the PoF expansion, any recommendations on what char to start off with
#2 Sep 30 2018 05:03pm
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Game type?

Do you find playing the piano easy? (Some classes take an inordinate amount of finesse to play right and its further frustrated by lag)

If you are brand new just try out the classes that grab your attention.

Otherwise choose a class that you feel you can play fluidly and more importantly, have fun with

Linked some things below that helped me


Collection of current builds that are in use separated by game type


This build editor can be a good resource for trying out ideas, when you get familiar with traits, and mechanics
Can be a lag time when it gets updated though if there were recent balance patches. ( 1 minor one incoming afaik )
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