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#11 Oct 7 2018 03:05am
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I want to try some new builds!

macro wins, and no herass/cheese foccus build, when still tech rush a little, faster defend.

Cost effective?:
200/200 Spire costs, and 150/150Lair cost, devided over 10muta = 70extra coins per muta,
ofc the Lair urns itself back verry soon, when go hydra after, but the spire is verry lategame
killing some drones and forcing antiair, and containing the enemy and mobile defend vs herass, urns itself back.
After that its better to trade some muta, since when you add them into the a-click army, they not do verry well.

Since i was considering Lurker's,
and you not wana have more then 6to10 of them, making the tech costs per unit go up huge, and you can not force a herass out of them.
even wen you need most of the tech for hydra anywhy

i was just considering Lurkers for the following reason:
Multi frond war, army split, or at least, when i a-click all forces, my burrowed lurkers stay where they are.
Witch allow less food in army, to rebuild faster and to trade better.
May work great with spores and spines, or even swarmhost to make enemy beleave to move up after loccust die
Mapcontroll, for rebuild time.
May help for turtle mode, when want to do a broodlord endgame

Not sure yet, since if i turtle to hard without herassing or distracting my enemy, zerg not that great when its 150food vs 150food, the step from hydra to broodlord takes verry long.

So a army like this, the endgoal when it comes to micro controll:
2+2Lurkers arround enemy base, when he moves out or try expand (or does it take 3?)
2Lurkers at the gate of my 5bases
1+1+1Lurker at my mineral line vs herass drops
5to7swarmhost (not sure about this yet, since it cost huge micro and fcks up armycontroll, and takes away more food from my a-click army) to force the enemy to react, to herass midgame, to add to the lurker play
10to20hydra, to rebuild Lurkers, and for midgame anti-air
10to20Roach, to sacrafice, to throw minirals in a hi-food cost unit, low miniral costs, tanky
creep+queen+spines, just behind lurkers, vs antiair
corupters and broodlords after this
could take muta, instead of swarmhost, if my micro lacks to hard

since i nn to rush air herass timing, i may base up and pool a little sooner, and then a queen for inject may help some to undo the 3e hatchery delay

armour best upgrade, because drones and overlords, and rebuild time, and multiunit
ofc, roach and hydra speed upgrades one of best upgrades ingame
zerglings benefit best from attack upgrades, the other units not need that, roach could get attack upgrade aswell
#12 Oct 8 2018 06:43pm
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Oh shit tommyvv plays d2, poe and sc same as me lool
#13 Oct 10 2018 09:47pm
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So, I remember this guy, but I never did figure out if he's a troll or if he was dropped on his head.
#14 Oct 25 2018 08:14pm
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i may wana try Turtle Terran, Mass Raven.

was considering not to wall of my natural, just my main (1*orbital command)
and 50%wall of my tank next to my Planetary
and use a leberator to cloose the nxt 50%of the wall
maybe 2widow mines per base could help here aswell

and then alot of Mass Raven
and armour upgrade for air
after that, mass planetary and missle turrets
#15 Nov 8 2018 05:27am
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3200 MMR Zerg atm, climbing steadily! the greatniss of it, i not even break the 100APM breakpoint.

Having alot of fun with plenty of build variations.

12pool or 14pool vs zergs, pretty good to skip the baneling fase when sent a 10zergling squad to deny things, so you can 3/4base into roach/hydra after it.

i still justify a mutalist punishment at 6min mark, vs thease cheesy adept/reaper/oracle/drop herassments.
but overall, i start to rely less on it.

so i wana to post about Zerg units, the ones i like and build alot.

good at herass, but to expensive to trade vs workers
good at sniping eurly game herasments, like drops
verry bad a-click unit when combine them with other units
verry micro intensive
them 4surviving muta helps alot in endgame, to give higround vision

great cannon food, probably the best since the mobilty of them fits better to other zerg unit speed, compare to zerglings
decent dps, verry cost effective (exept to siege tanks)
swarm forces
limited power, requires other units to overwhelm the midgame/lategame, like most zerg units
to slow to defend 6bases vs multi base herass
not shoots in air
great a-click
requeres speed upgrade to be offfensive

verry stronk dps, also against air
verry weak health
works best when roach tank for them, therefore a minimum of micro can help
great a-click
works great with swarmhost/broodlord
requeres speed upgrade to be offfensive

its so 2014, its pretty bad, used to be better when you started 5drones back in 2014 (its bellow tier marine/zealot)
so a spire is 400coins, witch are 16zerglings, but zergspeed resurch at 2/3min mark cost you 66.6% hatchery of resources
requires alot of queens, to hold game till 8min with only zerg tech
may require micro, still decent a-click

Swarmhost: i starts to like them harder then i use to in 2014, when used in a macro-game.
they require little micro, not as match as you think they would, they can even be a-clicked to tank a little, when they not even take agro, just for the fear
verry bad at defending (compare to the old swarmhost)
they can force the enemy on to your creep, away from tanks and shield-battery
pretty hi-risk when not have plenty of other units

it have 2base armour lol (overseer have 1base armour)
armour is the only airupgrade required for the zerg, if you realy want to upgrade air unit
vs airtoss or when build 10muta air-armour upgrade can be helpfull
it not shoots ground units.
its more of a multiplayer game unit, in single player, you not realy need to mass them that often, only to gain broodlord
cannon food against air

its pretty doop, you tech 33% to gain all usefull zerg unit, and the final 66.6%you tech up for broodlords, (i mean from Lair-upgrade to broodlord)
makes them verry expensive, that first broodlord cost over 9000

lategame (midgame)
8swarmhost (9)
10hydra (16)
10roach (16)
4-6Corrupter (0)
4-6broodlords (0)
0 Muta (4)
4overseer (2)

and then you have replaced the units before they die, thats 56.6%roach-23.3%hydra+10%air+10%buildings = suck them dry
#16 Nov 17 2018 12:16am
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#17 Nov 17 2018 02:01am
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Quote (shadow_falls @ Nov 17 2018 06:16am)

TommyvvPrime: best swarmhost count? i mostly use like 7to9
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: you aren't the real tommyvv are you
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: i pray
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: Turbo!
TommyvvPrime: i am :P
TommyvvPrime: 6.66queen injects
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: no fucking way
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: okay yea that's some tommyvv shit
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: lmao my Fucking BOY
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: gg
TommyvvPrime: :P
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: kestnuts there is a legend in your chat
teachtyler: neuroGG neuroGG
TommyvvPrime: hi!
SubscriberTwitch Primecultbaus: tommyvv is a historical figure in the diablo 2 community
#18 Nov 17 2018 03:32am
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you strike without hasitation!

he delayed my 3e hatchery/witch will be upgraded into lair at my natural with a worker, forced me into building a pool instead of a 3e hatch, delaying my muta about 20to30sec.

i just build 3spines and 1 spore before the muta, so i can pull 1queen and workers vs dumpsterherass
since you have 35workers on 3 bases with at least 4 gass, you can split them up when get herassed
the spine at my natural(lair) and my queen denied his marine scout

you need a Spire for the lategame broodlord and to react to mass air anywhy, and my 7Muta killed a few marine/marauder/medivac/8+workers at the 6to7min mark, delaying his 6/6.30min timing aswell
meanwhile i was trolling whit my muta, i already constructed roach/hydra tech and a 4e hatchery, so i could upkeep my macro, with minimum micro, crushing his 9min push and mutitask herass
swarmhost was a bit late, but the first wave of lucust when a-press the rest was a victory
#19 Nov 17 2018 03:50am
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my build crushed his bunker rush proxy build!

my first hatch i builded at my 4e base location
my second hatch i build at my natural, he bunker rushed it
so i canceled my natural, and made 2spine at my main(upgraded into Lair for muta rush), and a spine+queen at my 4e base location

thats when he puled out the marines from bunker and walked pass my 4e base,
he tried to attack, but my queen was defending a spine that was 90%completed,
Time to ragequit and take the defeat Terranboy
#20 Nov 17 2018 03:28pm
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i remember you tommyv :hail: stats dont lie
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