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#1 Aug 5 2018 07:49pm
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  • You level up, gain experience, or find better items
  • Freemium model but not too p2w
  • Not like brave frontier, where you collect heroes/characters from chance boxes and it feels like you always need to get the new characters to keep up
  • Not Clash Royale/clash of clans (great games, I’m just tired of them)
#2 Aug 5 2018 09:02pm
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Maplestory M
#3 Aug 5 2018 10:57pm
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I recently started playing Dungeons & Heroes and im hooked on it. It reminds of Heroes and Might and Magic on PC
#4 Aug 10 2018 07:29am
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Quote (n1ghtm4r3 @ Aug 5 2018 08:57pm)
I recently started playing Dungeons & Heroes and im hooked on it. It reminds of Heroes and Might and Magic on PC

Im actually giving this game a try.
#5 Aug 10 2018 03:03pm
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Idle Heroes
#6 Aug 10 2018 08:46pm
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Quote (Dopeys @ Aug 5 2018 11:02pm)
Maplestory M

This, but once you hit around level 100 expect gear grind to take awhile after you get uniques. The game is still new so the economy is fluctuating. It's a great game that once they release the rest of the content that the Korean version has I think it will be even better.
#7 Aug 18 2018 03:46pm
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i personally don't like this game but, naruto x boruto ninja voltage gives you every single character in the game right away, but i guess there is still a pull function, gotta pull skills for them to use. if you like turned based games at all, there is this new game that just came out looney tunes world of mayhem
#8 Aug 18 2018 05:08pm
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Games that im currently playhig on either Mobile or Bluestacks 3N is

Hero Hunters
Idle Heroes
Summoners War
Lord Mobile
#9 Aug 25 2018 06:06am
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TWoM fits your description.
#10 Sep 5 2018 03:07am
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One Piece Treasure Cruise
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