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#1 Jul 16 2018 08:18pm
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Only grands are worth it? Thanks!
#2 Jul 16 2018 10:18pm
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I think they do smalls for the 475 psn
#3 Jul 17 2018 09:16am
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There are just far less usable results and you'd need to hit close to perf ones at least to be worth something

What i can think of is lightdamage scs for meleesorcs but since most chars just go with 20/5 you rarely need that high ilvl..

I would only go for it if you need specific charms for your niche builds..and even then its not profitable
#4 Jul 17 2018 08:14pm
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everything in this game is pointless so yes.
#5 Jul 17 2018 08:17pm
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rerolling charms on battle.net is not worth it unless you have duped gems

just sell the baal charms and the gems
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