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#31 Aug 20 2018 10:04am
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Quote (VividCold @ Aug 17 2018 08:20pm)

100% winrate ranked solo queue with 40 minute game average is 160 minutes witohut queue time so 180 minutes for 4 games which would be 100 mmr with 100% winrate.

3 hours for 20$ @ 100% w/r in 4-5k bracket is not alot.

GL with service

#32 Aug 20 2018 10:59am
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is there any danger of getting accounts banned etc for logging onto someone else's account and boosting it? I thought I saw some ban waves attributed to this. I'm thinking of setting up my own service on useast is the reason I am asking.

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#33 Aug 20 2018 01:38pm
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when i play/boost for someone i ussualy ask them to put the account under family share, so i cant do anything else on your account more than just playing dota, so far i had no problems doing this and i dont think there could be any
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