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#21 Jun 19 2018 12:59pm
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Quote (Fezbang @ 19 Jun 2018 20:47)
Are you mad Cam didn't dive for that fumble?

Nah dude i thought that shit was great
#22 Jun 19 2018 01:08pm
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Quote (Sixers @ Jun 18 2018 09:59pm)
Eagles are so much better than any other team lmao

Eagles - 90
Patriots - 84
Falcon - 83
Steelers - 83
Saints - 83
Vikings - 82
Jaguar - 82

Read the article. These ratings arent correct. They will change before the game is released.
#23 Jun 19 2018 03:45pm
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Quote (MexicanSasquatch @ Jun 19 2018 12:59pm)
Nah dude i thought that shit was great

Miss my old sig. Lolcam lolPanthers

Oddly enough, I was organizing photos on my desktop and found the collection of when I went to the Packers @ Panthers game a couple years ago. My god... Stadium and it's occupants we're ruthless, toothless madmen. A guy in line in front of me had a GB Peppers Jersey on and was getting more shade thrown on him than LeBron. I had to chew out the bandwagon Panther fuck running his mouth and remind his stupid ass that Peppersgod helped his team make the SB and turn that defense around.

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#24 Jun 19 2018 06:34pm
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By week two they will be completely different.
#25 Jun 19 2018 08:20pm
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Quote (MexicanSasquatch @ Jun 19 2018 11:40am)
I'm still so mad they didn't at least win sb50

Deep down I know you guys would still troll me mercilessly, but it wouldn't get under my skin this badly

SB 50 was awesome! Go Broncos!
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