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#1 May 30 2018 01:36pm
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I used to host my pictures from My Photo Gallery with Postimage ...
but a couple of month ago they changed their address from " .org " to " .cc ", the matter is that common user can't make the required change to retrieve the picture !

So wondering if :

  • users could gain access to the field address - unlikely :)
  • D2jsp could set a global filtered change on all the Postimage address from the site :unsure:
    which would imply that all the user with stuff hosted @Postimage will get back their signature/avatar/gallery !
  • or maybe someone who have access to this field could do the change :angel:

King Atrhur
#2 May 30 2018 01:40pm
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Upload it to another site, why over complicate things.
#3 May 30 2018 01:40pm
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If you have the .psd file you can simply use another hosting site such as imgur.com or tinypic.com.
If you no longer have the .psd file you can try to contact the user/creator and ask if they still have it, then follow the steps above.

Alternatively, you could make a site suggestion here - http://forums.d2jsp.org/post.php?f=258
Make sure you read the rules before posting - http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=57896631&f=258

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#4 May 31 2018 08:36am
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Take a look at your gallery now :)

Paul has updated all postimage urls from .org to .cc

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