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#1 Mar 29 2018 04:01am
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Hello i was wondering if someone can delete all my posts that i made once because i dont want to boost any more or be seen with it, Would be appreciated

P.S if no admin or mod responds and someone has a admin or mod as friend and they can get it done ill pay 500fg to the person who can get me in contact with one of them
#2 Mar 29 2018 04:19am
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The mods does not delete your post unless if it contains content against the D2JSP Trading Rules and D2JSP Offical Site Rules & Policies just let your topics/post die they are normally archived when inactive.

I hope that information help you out.

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#3 Mar 29 2018 04:37am
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Post #2 is correct. Unless there is a major violation, we do not delete posts from the forum.

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