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#1 Jan 6 2018 07:31am
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Hey guys! I'm comming in here yet again to ask for your expertise :)
As I am trying to get into webdesign and marketing I really need to improve my photoshoots. I do them very rarely, but when I do them, I only have one chance to success with the pictures.

I have experienced that I can't take a picture by free hand, they all get blurry for some reason??? With a tripod and a timer-shoot I can manage to get good pictures.

I got a Nikon D40 with a long distance object - worst purchase I ever made. Because with this camera the colors get really off, and to get a sharp picture is almost impossible... Auto-focuss is broken aswell. :/

This camera burst'ed my camera-budget and gave me bad pictures instead :(

So, my questions are:
What camera should I buy that would work at short distance photographs? (Needs to be wallet-friendly, and I will buy it second hand)
And why can't I take pictures by free hand, is it me or the camera?
#2 Mar 28 2018 05:50am
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I would also like to add this material - photoshop manipulation ideas http://fixthephoto.com/blog/retouch-tips/photo-manipulation-photoshop.html
Sometimes such articles are useful to inspire new works!

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#3 Apr 13 2018 01:26am
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wow jan 2018 post, so dead in here :zzz:

the blur you see on photos is from a shaky movement, its possible to use a string method to stablize the camera when freehand, but thats pretty indie style :)

I would suggest the canon 80d but you can also go 7d for a better price. the 80d has better auto focus and canon just crushes nikon on the color balances.

now I just did this picture on sunday and it was my first attempt at the effect.

canon 80d + photoshop + lightroom

#4 Jun 15 2018 01:18am
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if ur shooting table top/still life its best to use tripod, u dont have to get a pro one, just something like 20-30 range

invest in some cheap lights if ur tight on budget

make a cheap diy white box with a hole in the front and top

if ur focus problems are in auto zoom, us manual toget it tight vice versa
some focus problems might be cus of ur shutter speed but tripod can fix that

some focus problems cause ur aperture is low, thats why u should get light

lot of things can effect

lmk if u need help, understanding the problem and learning how to fix or go around it is better than just buying better camera cause those problems still exist if u dont have understanding or experience
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