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#1 Oct 29 2017 04:08pm
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24/7 CBaal Runs - now with TRIVIA!

Hey all, I know there are a few channels that do this already, but still I'd like to invite you to join my channel, op EST. I run Chaos/Baals pretty much 24/7
I run with a hdin, ele druid, light sorc, and full tal blizz mf sorc (for the drops :p)
I've recently improved the speed of the runs, and I also just added trivia to the channel as well!
Come join!

Status: online


op EST Runner Recruitment

op EST is now looking for runners!

  • Must have a character that can successfully and easily run hell Chaos or Baal (or both - a.k.a cbaals)
  • If botted, you must include a message in your game to follow your runs in op EST
  • If you are a manual runner, then please let people know where to follow along when they ask

That’s it!

If you are interested, just message me here on JSP! We’ll meet in the channel, and get you set up!

When you get runner access, you’ll be able to use the “.login / .logout” commands to track and have your runs announced, as well as runner access only commands (coming soon).

EST isn’t a clan or anything, so feel free to use any run / character / account name you want! (As mentioned above, the only stipulation is that you include the channel in your runs)
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