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#1 Sep 9 2017 07:46pm
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Many praise the Lord, many worship him in Church, many sing songs dedicated to His name, but how many are they, who truly love Him?

This thread is for discussing the phenomena of being stuck in sin. I mean, is there a particular sin, which is so detrimental to your relationship with Him, and to you, a sin that if you cut it out of your Life, your relationship with Him would be far better, and you would be healthier, and your life would be brighter, lighter and happier, yet you somehow cannot eliminate this sin - at least not entirely - from your life, and this drives you insane?

If you share this experience, tell us about your experience. In my personal case, it has to do with thoughts - I have selfish thoughts. And thoughts are so difficult to control, not to even mention what a herculean task it can be to erase a deeply ingrained thought pattern.

But this weak spot, this sin we are not yet able to overcome, what should be done?

How can a person who watches porn every single day, sit down on his knees and talk with his Creator at night? How can a person who everyday beats his wife and kids, sit down after dinner and speak to the Lord? How can a person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs, and who takes it everyday, ever feel that he is in friendship and harmony with his Maker?

Have you right now, or have you had a very detrimental sin in your life, that stand/stood so much in the way of becoming truly spiritual? Something, someone you cannot let go, that you cannot forget. It might be something you must give up, a thought pattern, vanity, sensuality, or some other sin, that you know that if you just eliminated it from your life, everything would be so much better; your health, your life, your relationship with Him - yet you cannot, you just cannot leave it behind for some irrational reason.

This thread is made for discussing this, slightly darker and more sorrowful aspect of what it is to be aware of the Creator. Not everything is happy-happy in the Christian/religious life. A person who is well read and understands the Bible will sooner or later figure out the awful truth which reality throws daily in our faces - that the world is the battleground between good and evil, and we are soldiers, spiritual soldiers. Not only are you now aware of true morality - fixed, absolute, ultimate morality, but sooner or later you begin to dig deeper and you try to find out some stuff about yourself. Perhaps since your Christian journey begun, you are constantly trying to improve yourself, morally and spiritually. That can be a tough road, especially if you have learned to love sin.

Is there anyone who have loved sin with all their heart, and then managed to completely transform? Tell us about your experience.

Tell us about your wrestling game with evil!

What is it that you cannot eliminate, that you feel that you have to get rid of, to have a fine relationship with the Giver of Everything?

Best wishes
#2 Sep 24 2017 05:26am
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Through the law all are destroyed. Christ says he came to fulfill the law not to dwell in it.

I think to overcome sin, you must look beyond sin. To dwell in sin is to succumb to sin.

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#3 Nov 20 2017 09:41am
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The evil is strong on me but with God in the way i am fighting him.
#4 Nov 21 2017 09:52am
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All part of learning and growing
We all have our weakness we need to overcome
#5 Dec 7 2017 10:10pm
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Quote (WeAwait @ Sep 24 2017 07:26am)
Through the law all are destroyed. Christ says he came to fulfill the law not to dwell in it.

I think to overcome sin, you must look beyond sin. To dwell in sin is to succumb to sin.

I agree with this.
#6 Dec 25 2017 08:26am
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Your post portrays during our spiritual lives we find ourselves at a fork in the road. 2 distinctly different paths. One saying Trusting God, the other Pleasing God.

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