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Aug 5 2017 03:15pm
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Since old aim no longer functions, it will be played on https://rolz.org/
Scroll down to "Join a Dice Room"
Note: You DO NOT have to make an account. Simply select a nickname, and put in the room name which I will tell you at the time of the game.

I will be the dealer.

Code to Roll

How to Play: The concept is to get the number 21 or higher than the dealer without going over 21. You start by rolling a 13 sided Di twice. Add the numbers that you rolled together (Refer to the numbers to see what your roll is worth). You decide if you want to "hit" or "stay." If you hit, you roll again and add that number to your previous number. If you stay, you keep your original number. The Dealer, (me) must hit on 16 and stay on 17. If there is a tie, those who tied will redo the round.

The Numbers
1 = 1 or 11
11-13 = 10
Anything else counts as the number that it is.

* Send fg upfront
* Post aim in thread
* Do not roll before dealer asks hit or stay.

The Payouts
If you win, you get x2 your bet.

Check the last post for min/max bets
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