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#21 Oct 16 2017 10:47am
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Quote (steeltype @ Oct 15 2017 11:22am)
For DH, Attack speed is fake dps, doesnt chance your DMG per hatred spent. paper doesnt mean NOTHING ecept for the new char necro wich Mage are purely based on paper dps + attack speed frame rate

for monk, Ecept for regenerator, attack speed doesnt inscrrease skill dmg such as AP and 6CC/8cdr = more dps even if its doesnt show up up on

barb = doesnt use dex
wd = doesnt use dex
wiz = doesnt use dex
Necro = still could be useful if u reroll dex to intel but yet, not best option
etc etc etc

So , calling this the PERFECT primal, is wrong In so many level

just reroll dex to crit hit chance, problem solved
#22 Oct 16 2017 06:57pm
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Quote (Infinite95 @ Oct 16 2017 09:47am)
just reroll dex to crit hit chance, problem solved

Are you guys trolling or do you think that is a legitimate option?

Compass rose always has 12% move speed as an extra roll. You roll that off into a good stat, and it's stuck with all the other ones.
#23 Jan 13 2018 06:49pm
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very nice
#24 Feb 18 2018 03:35am
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very nice find gz
#25 Feb 18 2018 12:34pm
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Quote (FEIF @ Feb 18 2018 05:35am)
very nice find gz

Your ava is very nice.
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