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#1 May 4 2017 04:47pm
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#2 May 7 2017 07:21am
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Color grading sucks in half of this video.
#3 May 7 2017 09:06pm
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I think it could be 10x better with better whatever it is... color grading, dynamic range adjustments. And also shaky. I imagine you'd need to buy something for that, but I wonder if you could fix that a bit more than where it's at with software?

I think with those changes it would be really enjoyable.

First thing I noticed was the shake, and the straight out-of-camera look to the image. Shot with Nikon DSLR right? Idk what it is, doesn't even look like 1080p when shot at 1080p. I'm not a video guy so idk.
#4 May 9 2017 12:23pm
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very shaky to me. seems like it would do better with a little fade from scene to scene when it is a drastic change. I liked the quick zoom in the beginning but the stability of the camera took away from that.
#5 Jun 13 2017 04:36pm
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video is alright, seems like a nice place to go, isn't that bug at the end poisonous?
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