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Sep 13 2016 03:40pm
Pricing these will take quite a bit of research in each piece.
My ~value to in-game coin will be converted at 1m:5fg ratio.
Please post or pm any inquiries on specific pricing. Prices will change with market per day.

G16 +7 Brother's of Fear Duel Axes 63AL/19s w/ 2x Drakeflames
G16 Unicorn's Tragedy Duel Axes 1AL/18d/1crit w/ 1x open socket
G16 +7 Awakened Ancestral Divine Helm 2%/10s/10d/11v w/ 3x Flawless Citrines
G16 +7 Awakened Demon Serene Robe 10s/11s/9d/9m w/ 4x Flawless Citrines
G15 +3 Sky Cover Ring
G14 +5 Puzzle Cube Badge *Vain Necklace (mdef)
2/2 Deathgrip Nightmare Flyer 3.5/6.5
L103 Infliction Genie 92LP/100LP (can fully restat within a few days)
Blazing Tempest Mount 10.0
Terror of the Deep Mount 10.0
23x Plat HP Charm Box
1x Plat HP Charm
22x Plat MP Charm Box
476x Mirage Stone
10x Tisha Stone
4x Drakeflame Stone
1x Sapphire Gem
9x Brilliance Stone
27x Stone of the Jungle
17x Bloody Stone
1x Perfect Bloody Stone
1x Battlement Stone
8x Flood Stone
15x Pyro Stone
43x Accessory Socket Stone
1x Cube of Fate Stamp
1x Dayflame Soul
110x Warsong Waistband Inscription
4x Medal of Glory
1x Essence of Defense
37x Fortifications Seal
11x Unknown Tinder
12x Fragment Crystal
1x Transparent Crystal
2x Chromatic Tinder
5x Sacred Mother's Aura
1x Ancient Devil's Soul
7x Astral Stone
1x Seal of War
2403x Lucky Coin
1x Dapper Rose Pack
1x Cherry Topper Pack
4x Imperial Exam List
205x War Avatar Order
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