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#1 Aug 15 2016 05:37am
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Im looking for someone whos either still playing ROM on Mithras (ONLY) server and is getting tired of playing or someone whos already quit and wants to trade their lvl 85/85+
account, class/race dont matter. Must be a functional playable character with decent leveled equipment and a good supply of gold. I dont want a stripped secondary account, unless its 97/97..

Im offering a very nice Elder Scrolls Online account with a Veteran Rank 2 Dark Elf Nightblade Vampire. Lots of combat and crafting skill. Very well equipped. Ready to start endgame content.He can craft runes and armor and Ill also include free weapon and armor crafting if you need it from my other account.

You can sell this account for more than the Runes of Magic account is worth

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