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Mar 24 2016 08:13am
Hey all,

I am pleased to announce that you can now receive Push Notifications for various things on d2jsp. This feature replaces the Instant Messenger with regards to getting instant notifications. It also greatly expands the feature-set to include subscribed topics, guild topics, and notifications when someone quotes you in a topic.

This feature is currently only supported by Chrome and Firefox, v44+. Note that Firefox isn't as solid or reliable as Google's. *Safari only supports this for their desktop version, so it's honestly not worth messing with at this time. If they decide to implement it for iOS, I will definitely add support for it. Other browsers simply do not support this feature at this time. Sorry.

What does this mean? This means that you can get notifications of things on d2jsp without refreshing, and without even having to have a d2jsp tab open! All that is required is on the PC to have your browser open, and on an android phone just having internet access!

You can subscribe for push events here:

Please note, you need to use this page and subscribe on each device you want to get notified on, and each has their own independent notification settings. For instance, you can register for notifications on your PC and your phone, etc. Each will receive the notification independently.

Also, in case you missed it, new Customer perks and a Verified status was recently added:

Thanks, hope you enjoy it!!

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