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Quest Drop Bugging Bosses in Diablo II

- What Is Quest Drop Bugging?

Quest drop bugging is the process of killing ant act, receiving a quest drop, and not completing the quest. This allow us to receive a quest drop every time we kill the boss. Quest drops ensure you won't get any white items, arrows/bolts, potions, or any other "trash" from the drop.

- Why Should I Quest Drop Bug When I MF?

You should consider making a character(s) to "quest bug" if you'd like to have a much more successful time while magic finding. To quest bug Andariel, you will only need your 1 main character. To quest bug any other boss (Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal) you will need 2 characters (at least) that are specialized for this goal unless joining specific public games.

- Who Can I Use This Quest Drop Bug On?

The quest drop bug can be used on Andariel (permanently bugged), and all 4 of the other bosses (Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal) being individually quest bugged each game with 2 specialized characters, or by joining specific public games.

How To Quest Drop Bug Andariel
Requirements: 1 main character (Magic Find Character). This character must not have killed Andariel yet in the difficulty you want to "quest drop bug" her in.

Steps to bug Andariel:
    1. Create a game with the character who needs the Andy quest done (main character).
    2. Proceed to kill Andariel (if you're being rushed, make sure you're in the catacombs when Andariel dies).
    3. After Andariel dies, wait until the automatic Town Portal appears.
    4. Enter the automatic Town Portal. STOP! Do not do anything besides following the next steps exactly.
    5. Talk to Warriv (and only Warriv).
    6. Travel East (Via Warriv).
    7. When you arrive in Act 2, save and exit.
Congratulations, your Andariel (in that difficulty mode) is now quest drop bugged!

How To Quest Drop Bug Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal
Whichever boss you plan on killing, you must have their quest active. You must not have already completed the quest previously.

The Easy Way
Duriel & Mephisto: Join a Chaos or Baal public game. The creators of these games typically are the runners, who have already completed Act 2 and Act 3 bosses. Check your quest screen to make sure the quest says "Can not be completed". If it says this, you're good to go. Run a normal MF run to whichever boss you'd like, and slay the boss. If you or your merc (no one else) gets the killing blow, you will have received a quest drop. This is repeatable to your liking.

Diablo: Join a Baal game. The creators of these games typically are the runners, who have already completed Act 4. Check your quest screen to make sure the Diablo quest says "Can not be completed". If it says this, you're good to go. Run a normal MF run of Chaos and slay Diablo. If you or your merc deal the final blow, you will
receive a quest drop.

Baal: There is no feasible, consistent or reliable way to quest drop baal in public games.

The Hard Way
You will have to have 2 characters to perform this. One character should have the game completed (or at least pass the boss that you plan on quest drop bugging). The other should have the boss quest (that you plan on MF'ing) currently active.

Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal: Take your character that has completed the game and make a game. Stay in the game for at least 5 minutes (MF'ing, or just sitting there). After 5 minutes, leave the game and join the game on your second character (the one who has the boss quest active). Go to that boss, and slay the boss. You won't have completed the quest, but you will have received a quest drop.

The following probabilities are found in a 1 player game with 0% MF. Increases the players in the game, or the amount of MF you have equipped will increase the odds of finding these items noticeably.

Nightmare Andariel Quest Drop Bug Statistics/Comparisons
    Stone of Jordan
      Normal= 1:7,740
      Quest= 1:3,403
    Tal Rasha's Adjudication (Amulet)
      Normal= 1:9,230
      Quest= 1:4,158

Hell Mephisto Quest Drop Bug Statistics/Comparisons
    Arachnid Mesh
      Normal= 1:2,252
      Quest= 1:1,491
    Eschuta's Temper
      Normal= 1:1,867
      Quest= 1: 1,235
    Harlequin Crest Shako
      Normal= 1:1,560
      Quest= 1:1,032
    Ondal's Wisdom
      Normal= 1:5,690
      Quest= 1:3,764
    The Reaper's Toll
      Normal= 1:1,509
      Quest= 1:999
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