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#1 Jul 9 2014 12:51pm
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The Forum Rules and Policies + Trade Rules also apply for Tibia Forum, so please follow them: Trade Rules and Forum Rules and Policies

Some additional and very important rules:
  • Don't sell accounts.
  • Don't sell GP / items for real cash.
  • Don't speak about hacks / bots / 3rd party programs.
  • Don't link to any outside site which supports selling / buying stuff for real money.
  • Don't post outlinking to any site which offers downloads of hacks / bots / 3rd party programs.
  • Don't spam.
  • Don't flame / personal attacks.
  • You may bump your post once per 12 hours.

*Violations to these rules may result in warnings or other punishments.

Have fun in Tibia!

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