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Feb 13 2013 05:58pm
Hello everyone!

Live Streams: http://forums.d2jsp.org/streams.php

I finished up a new feature for you all that is currently in beta testing that I wanted to share with you. It is a Live Streams indexing page, that works similar to the Photo Gallery. There are some key differences:
- To add a stream costs FG. This is to ensure maximum quality of streams and streamers
- The ability to add a sponsorship to your stream, which in turn increases the listing ranking (sort order). This feature also gives you 10% of the FG people pay towards donating to your stream to increase its ranking.
- You can also attach the twitch.tv chat to your stream for FG

More features will be added, such as filtering by online/offline, etc.

Thanks, hope you find it useful!

(Big thanks to ArtofApocalypse for adding the first actual d2jsp member stream!) And monster thanks to Markro for helping me finalize the design and help motivate me to finish this. :)
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