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Oct 23 2012 03:25pm
Hi All!

Still not the "big one", but I decided to try and get back to incremental updates as much as possible, and figured out some ways to do so that will hopefully put updates out more frequently. In any case, I am pleased to announce v1.25.0 for your playing pleasures.

v1.25.0 release notes:

- New "3D" catacombs map system implemented
- Mini-map revamped to accommodate new map display
- Maze controls have changed slightly to accommodate the new maze system (Up moves forward, Left/Right turn left or right)
* Note that random fights can occur by simply turning directions.
- Well placement in catacombs adjusted to appear part of the maze
- A trapdoor is now visibly drawn on the ground when detected
- Cooking has been adjusted so that you will still gain proficiency longer per tier. Example: You can get to rank 4 on tier 1 fish, rank 9 on tier 2, rank 14 for tier 3, etc.
- High level characters (>127) will now show the correct level in View Ladders
- Combat Proficiency gains have been tweaked slightly to allow for more gains overall
- Added new objective: Bits and Pieces
- Added new objective: Treasure Pest
- Fixed a bug in Slash the Swarm
- Settings keyboard bindings updated to reflect new catacombs key functions

New Monster Abilities:
- Wind-o-shade now has a chance to use Blink attack (teleport)
- Electangle now has a chance to use Tangling tentacle evasion (position swap) and Call For Help when injured (random)
- Aqueous now has a chance to use Water condenser (shrink)
- Chargon now has a chance to use Multi-target Breath Attack (fire)
- Huntaguar now has a chance to use Wind Fist Attack (physical + wind)
Monster abilities will be updated here when they are discovered by the community: https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=21

Remember, this is just an incremental update, there is tons more to come, as I'm sure your imaginations will run wild with.

Also, make sure to return to the main https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org portal and reclick your desired game size to get to the 1.25.0 version.

Have fun, and keep on slashin'!
Group: Admin
Posts: 23,998
Joined: Sep 24 2002
Gold: 15,006.71
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Oct 25 2012 08:14am
Another quick update-

v1.25.1 release notes:

- Explore the Maze level requirement lowered to level 1
- Mirror Maze guild point reward has been doubled
- Sneaky Shell now has a bit less life
- Fixed the calculation for the cooking "Minimum To Skill Up" tip on the client
- Treasure Pest now gives an additional bonus upon completion
- Down Arrow/S will now turn you around (180 degree turn)
- Trapdoor/Well will now be shown when you turn in a room that has one
- Maze walls/floor colors adjusted to better match overall catacombs feel

edit - Nov 24th 2012: (v1.25.1b)
- Freaver now has a chance to use Freezing Scythe Strike (physical) (slow)
- Mobs with the ability Call For Help can now use it if they are a normal or special mob

Make sure your client shows v1.25.1 at the bottom right of the login page. If it does not, you may need to refresh or clear your cache.

More to come

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