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#1 Jun 28 2012 11:01am
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Everything you need to know about the league in regard to salary can be found at http://www.capgeek.com
This site will tell you which players make what, what both their annual salary and cap hit are, as will as upcoming free agents.If you want to know how much cap space your favorite team has, this site is your best friend.
It is also capable of letting you make changes to your team to see how adding and subtracting will affect the teams total salary.


This is a no brainer, but yet people still come looking to find out where they can see the results of last nights game.http://http://www.nhl.com/ has all you need to know as far as scores, upcoming games, and recent news.
If you didn't think to check there however, chances are you're not even following the sport.

So you want news right away, and want to be able to brag about knowing everything first. Well here's your opportunity.
The following is a quick list of reporters to follow on Twitter that are usually the first to break news:

Bob McKenzie (aka The One) - @TSNBobMcKenzie
Darren Dreger - @DarrenDreger
Pierre LeBrun - @Real_ESPNLeBrun
Elliotte Friedman - @FriedgeHNIC
james duthie - @tsnjamesduthie
Nick Kypreos - @RealKyper
Dmitry Chesnokov (your Russian source) - @dchesnokov

There are more out there, but these will be your favorites.
Also be sure to follow your favorite teams "beat writers" since they are more often than not providing the information to the top dogs.

But maybe breaking news isn't your thing, and you just want a good time on Twitter. Well in my experience, these will be the best accounts for you:

Paul Bissonnette (everybody loves a good bench warmer) - @BizNasty2point0
Down Goes Brown (best hockey blog writer. Order his new book) - @DownGoesBrown
Jeff ONeill (former player, who now has found his true calling in trolling people via twitter) - @odognine2
Dan O'Toole and Jay Onrait (The favorite TSN pair) - @JayOnrait & @tsnotoole
Strombone (May or may not be Luongo. Hint: It is) - @strombone1

Again, this isn't everyone. Your favorite NHL salary information site does have you covered though.
Capgeek has put together a solid list of who is who on twitter. Check it out at http://capgeek.com/twitter_rank.php

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