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Feb 24 2012 07:54am
Hello everyone!

A few days ago I pushed out a completely rewritten version of the Instant Messenger that makes use of a custom coded IRC server that I wrote. You should have the same functionality you've come to expect with the old dIM, plus more features with the new. As before, all messages and notifications will be real-time. All guilds that purchased a chat automatically have a channel within the IRC, and any new purchases are sync'd automatically.

A brief summary of additional new features:
- You can use a 3rd party IRC client to connect to the network, just point it to irc.d2jsp.org, port 6667
- You will now get notifications whenever any user replies to one of your topics.
- You can connect from multiple locations, and all activity will be sync'd to each connection. What this means is that you could have the IM open at home, and on your phone, at the same time.
- Public chat channels (#d2jsp, etc)
- Ability to make guild chat channels public, as well as rank options to set auto op and voice modes for guild members.
- You can directly message any user that is currently online, they no longer have to be on your friend list.

Just as before, you will still receive New PM, Gold, Friend Requests, and My Events notifications via the IM/IRC. Just leave it open to take advantage of this feature.

Since I wrote the IRCIM server from scratch, I have full control over its features, which means that it is a "closed system" and requires a d2jsp account in good standing. All site rules apply to every aspect of d2jsp, including the IRC/IM.

Big thanks to Kevin and Markro for helping me with my early beta testing, and to all those that helped report issues in the past couple days!

Thanks everyone, and enjoy!
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