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Dec 10 2022 05:15pm
Quote (KoJ @ Dec 10 2022 12:19pm)
correct we did not.... whats your point?

No valuable starter for you either :P
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Dec 10 2022 06:43pm
Quote (HydraulicS @ Dec 10 2022 03:15pm)
No valuable starter for you either :P

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Dec 12 2022 12:30am
Quote (KoJ @ Dec 8 2022 12:33pm)
good :D <3

I'm happy they aren't engaging in more of these wild 10+ years contracts honestly. They had players I wanted to see given more of a chance, namely Edwin Rious and this new kid Outman rather than absorb all the open market talent.

I want another close division race to give me something to live for leading to the inevitable post-season choke lol.
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Dec 14 2022 10:33pm
We got gingerThor and Thor 🤔
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