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Guide to Diablo II Safe Trading

Precautions you should take before game, in-game, and after the scam

I. Safest Way

- First of all, the absolute safest way is by using a Mediator
- Traders are encouraged to use a Mediator
- If you do not know how use a mediator, learn How To Request A Mediator

II. If You Do Not Wish To Use A Mediator

- Below is a list of precautions you should take
- Screenshots are key when posting a Scammer Accusation topic. If you do not know how to take a screenshot, see the Complete Guide To Taking Screenshots
- Make sure when taking screenshots and uploading them that you do not crop or edit them in any way. This ensures that the evidence is real.

Before Entering Game

1. The Trade Topic : Make sure you have a thread where the trader has posted and the deal was made.
2. Screenshot of PMs : Message the person you will be trading with the game name and save a sent copy. If the other trader messaged the game name, take a screenshot of that PM.

In-Game (Before Trade)

3. Inventory/Stash, Inventory/Cube, and Weapon Switch Before Trade : Take a screenshot of your inventory/stash and inventory/cube (if you have one) also a screenshot of the weapon switch if you are trading a weapon or shield; each with a time stamp before you commence with the trade.
4. Trade Window : While in the trade window, type "/time" again and take a screenshot once you have placed the item in the window or vice versa.

In-Game (After Trade, Trader Scammed) Do NOT leave the game after you have been scammed!

5. Inventory/Stash, Inventory/Cube, and Weapon Switch After Scam : You should always request that the other trader send first and if the other trader does not agree, simply request a Mediator. However if you sent first and did not receive the item or the forum gold in return, proceed to take screenshots with timestamps of your inventory, stash, and cube.
6. Message Log : Take screenshots of the entire message log, overlapping 1 or 2 lines, with the game name displaying in the top right corner of every screenshot.

III. Posting the Scammer Accusation

1. Do NOT leave the game still, in case you missed a step, your scammer accusation helper may ask you to retake screenshots or take more if you have done something wrong.
2. Post the following evidence in as close to this format as possible.
    - Link to the Accused
    - Link to the Trade Topic
    - Private Messages
    - Inventory/Stash, Inventory/Cube, and Weapon Switch (Before Scam, and weapon switch only if a weapon or shield was involved)
    - Inventory/Stash, Inventory/Cube, and Weapon Switch (After Scam, and weapon switch only if a weapon or shield was involved)
    - Message Log
    - Trade Window
It is not required that you post them in any particular form, a scammer accusation helper will always be of your assistance.

For other information on what to do if you are scammed look here.

Thanks to DoomOnYou for his previous version of the guide!
Special thanks to Fault and Markro for helping me with this guide!

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